About Us

The identity of History Teas is defined by three symbolic aspects. A Black Pillars, a White Stripe and a Crimson Stripe. Through sorrow, tears, wailing, and the constant cry of the question “WHY”?! ruled our forefathers’ tongues. We as a people have conquered. As pillars in one body, bult and equipped on the foundation of Grace, Mercy, and the will to fight for freedom.

We stand still just as a well-orchestrated Pillar, weathering every storm, battle, and war that comes our way. Our Pillars are displayed by conveying the completion of our bondage as well as our confirmation of Freedom. We continue to be shielded and covered by the stripes of our most Holy God that our forefathers worshipped.

We as a people have become wiser, and stronger. Because of our mourning, we are dedicated to the purpose of liberating freedom. Through the offspring of our culture as represented by the White Stripe. However, none of this would be had it not been for the innocent yet determined blood that was shed on our behalf by those before us, as represented by the Crimson stripe.

We carry these truths. We wear them as a banner to expose to the world that we do not stand in our mourning. We stand because of our mourning.